Ferguson & St. Louis, MO


It is often the case that whenever there is something to "celebrate" within Unarmed then the larger society offers something even worse to consider. For every gallery opening, article, or aesthetic achievement within the project there is a Jacob Blake or Daunte Wright. Three weeks ago I completed one of the most important full-circle moments for Unarmed: visiting Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri, and installing a Michael Brown jersey within sight of the Gateway Arch. Before I could post these photos a racist gunned down ten people in Buffalo, New York.

So I rewrote these words, but wasn't ready to post yet. And then Uvalde happened. Although racism wasn't the driving force in that grotesque act, we grieve all the same.

The grieving never stops. And so we must find ways to shine light and love. Unarmed is, above all, an act of love. Loving the most vulnerable among us is our mission – to overflow with love. So much love that our teardrops melt away in this gushing torrent of affection. We have a lot of work to do. We.

Please accept these photos from St. Louis as evidence that our work continues.