Alton Sterling

Witnesses confirm that Sterling was armed, but he was not holding or touching his gun during his interaction with police. Further, Louisiana is an open carry state. At the time of his shooting, his arm appeared to be restrained behind his back.


First Production

The first jerseys actually produced were in December of 2014 — Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martin. While the Brown jersey was made according to the earlier mock-up art, the Garner and Martin jerseys were produced in hockey designs.



Mike Brown

The killing of Mike Brown, though no footage exists, is one of the most painful to think about. The subsequent protests in Ferguson, Mo. and the #BlackLivesMatter campaign have been inspiring outcomes, but hurt undergirds all. “Big Mike” is pictured wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hats in one of the iconic photos of him, and so the jersey is done in those colors.

The first baseball-style design in this series, the jersey features six stars above his name on the back in response to the six bullets that entered his body. His nickname, “Big Mike,” is embroidered on the arm.